Shit Nell Says

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Shit Nell Says

Shit Nell Says

Judul : Shit Nell Says
Durasi : 0:1:42
Tanggal : 31 January 2012
Oleh : Shawn Petsche
Dilihat : 333346x
Suka : 686 Orang
Tak Suka : 61 Orang
Sumber : YouTube.com
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In the Winter of 2012, Ian Thomas Day and Shawn Petsche were discussing the over-played 'shitxsays' meme. During that conversation, a friendly bet was wagered to see who could create a "shitxsays" meme with more youtube views. It took a couple of weeks to move from idea to actual videos. While Ian went with the more culturally relevant "Shit Clay Davis" says, Shawn decided to dig deep into his formative years and take to Louis CK's source material for Pootie Tang ... Nell. While Shit Clay Davis says will surely get more views, please help make this a fight by sharing this too. It's important stuff.

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